Saturday, February 14, 2009

Einstein and The Professor

A Professor from a famous university, challenging his students with this question: "Did God create everything?” A student answered, "Yes, He creates everything." "God created everything?" The Professor asks once again. "Yes, Sir, everything" said the student. The professor said, "If God created everything, then God created the crime. Because the crimes exist, and we explain who we are, so we can assume God is evil."

The Student halt and cannot answer the professor's hypothetical. The Professor felt the victory, because he has proven that religion is a myth.

Other students raise their hands and said, "Professor, may I ask something?" "Of course," answered the Professor, the student stood up and asked, "Professor, does cold exist?". "What kinds of questions? Of course, the cold exits. The students then said, “The fact is that the cold does not truly exist. According to the physics law, which we consider as cold is the absence of heat. When the temperature condition is minus 460F all particles do not move and cannot react. We created the word "cold" to describe the condition of the absence of hot.

The Students then continue, "Professor does the darkness also exist?" The professor said, "Of course it does." The students said, "Once again you are wrong, Sir. The Dark is not really exits. Dark is the situation where there is no light. Light can be learned, not the dark. We can use the Newton’s prism to divide the light into different colors and learn the wavelength of each color. But you cannot measure the darkness. How dark is a room is measured by the number of light intensity in the room. The word "dark" people used to describe a condition of the absence of light. “

Finally the student asked, "Professor, if the crime really exists?" The Professor said with a hesitant, "Of course, as has been previously say. We see every day in the newspaper and TV. There is crime and criminal violence among humans. The things are a manifestation of evil."
"Once again you are wrong, Sir. Crime does not exist. Crime is the absence of God. As the cold and the dark, “Crime” is the word used to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Crime is the result of the absence God in the human heart. Such as the cold as a result of the lack of heat and the darkness that arises due to lack of light. "The Professor was silent.
Do you know who the student is? The answer is Albert Einstein.

Relativity according to Islam

Now, the relativity of time is a fact that has been scientifically proven. This has been expressed through the Einstein theory of relativity in the years of the early 20th century. Human not know that the time is a relative concept, and time may change depending on the situation. Great scientist, Albert Einstein, proved this fact with the theory of relativity. He explains that the time is determined by the mass and speed.
In human history, no one is able to reveal this fact clearly before. But there are exceptions; Qur'an already contains information about the time that is relative! A number of verses that this review reads:
"And ask them to God so that the punishment was carried out immediately, but God never depart from His promise. Indeed, in a day with your Lord is like a thousand according to your calculations." (Qur'an, 22:47)
"He set the affair from heaven to earth, and the (business) that ascend to Him in one day the measure is a thousand years according to your calculations." (Qur'an, 32:5)
"The angels and Gabriel ascended (facing) a day to God in the measure fifty thousand years." (Qur'an, 70:4)
In some verses of the Holy Qur'an mentioned that people feel the time is different, and sometimes people can feel the time is very short as the old:
"Allah said: 'How many years you ever lived on earth?" They said: 'We stay (on earth) a day or half day, then ask the people who count. "He said: 'You do not stay (on earth) but only briefly, if indeed you know'. " (Qur'an, 23:122-114)
The fact that relativity of time with very clearly mentioned in the Qur'an, which was revealed in the year 610 M, is another proof that the Qur'an is the Book of Allah.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Thesis: Eye Tracker

My research on this not only to design a prototype of an Eye Tracker, but also provides a case study which is the implementation of the equipment that I designed and expected to become embryo of research on using the Eye Tracker. Eye tracking is a method of measuring point of gaze or eye movement to the position of human head. An eye tracker is a device used to measure the position and movement of the eye. The design is using User Centered Design method, which is one of the approaches in the design of Human Computer Interaction.
Eye Tracker which I designed using the technology of Video Based Eye Tracker which consists of a computer, monitor, camera, light source and infra-red. System supported by an application that will interpret the data received. I did a case study with the Eye Tracker to interpret some quality attribute of a website. By using the methods of Web usability I give quantitative data on the level of Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors, and Satisfaction of Industrial Engineering Department web UI
Results of this research is a form of an Eye Tracker that meets the basic principles of laboratory equipment and a case study of an Eye Tracker for evaluating the design of web pages. Website which is used as an object of this research is a website of Industrial Engineering Department, University of Indonesia with the address Pages are first downloaded in its entirety into a local server to avoid the access of the time difference.